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Stuck?  Not sure what to do next?

What’s preventing your business from having a BIG breakthrough?

Not sure? A Business Intervention is designed to be the remedy.

Often times we are too close to our business to notice the things that are greatly hindering our success.

211° won’t boil water…

It doesn’t matter how long you leave the pot on the burner…

It doesn’t matter if you switch to a different pot…

It doesn’t matter if you add more water…

It doesn’t matter if you take water out…

It Ain’t Gonna Boil

The solution is obvious… IF you know that the burner is only set at 211°.  Just turn that sucker up one degree and look at all the change that happens.  Things start happening.  The water turns from a liquid to a gas.

Business is no different.  Usually, a few minor tweaks make a huge difference.

But there’s a problem…

Most business owners are busy trying to order a bigger pot, add more water, or take out some water.  Hey, I don’t blame them, we’re all guilty of it.  When you’re standing over the hot stove, it’s hard to clearly see where the problem lies.  Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes, but not just any eyes…

You need trained eyes, eyes that can see through the flames, the heat, and the confusion of a hot stove top.

Eyes for Sell or Rent

Think you may need a fresh set of eyes to help you bring your business to the next level?  First, get in contact with us.  We’ll help you determine if a Business Intervention is right for you.

After you’ve decided a Business Invention is what you need, I’ll send over your Business Intervention Stove Top Evaluation, dates available for your one hour session, and an invoice for your total investment.

Once you’re on my calendar, I’ll send you the number to my private shoe phone (yeah, like the one Maxwell Smart used).  My shoe phone is awesome; it will record every syllable of our call – you’ll be glad it does.

You’ll then send me your completed Business Intervention Stove Top Evaluation at least five days before your Intervention is scheduled.

Now that I have your business details in my hands, the ideas, tactics and strategies begin to take shape.  My goal is simple: find the quickest – and safest – way to reach the knob that turns the burner up a degree or two.  This is where the trained eyes come into play.

It’s easy to notice the fact that the pot you’re using is old and ugly.  Or the fact that you could use more water in your pot.  Sure, correcting those things will help, but you want radical change, don’t you?  You want trained eyes.

By the time we meet on the phone, I’ll have burned my hands a few times trying to reach that darned knob.  Trust me, this saves you a lot of pain.

Your Business Intervention is an hour-long session where we’ll combine your expertise, questions, and passion, and my skill to see the clear path to the knob.  We’ll work on completely transforming the way you see your stove top.  You’ll walk away knowing the real, actionable steps you need to take to reach the knob – turn up the heat – and see radical change.

You’re not getting off that easy.  After our session you’ll receive a recording of our entire conversation, so you’ll be able to return to the path when you stray.  You’ll also receive a Stove Top Pathway worksheet to complete over the next week.  The Stove Top Pathway is your accountability partner – preventing unnecessary burns and scars.

The Fine Print

Business Interventions are $400 for the Business Intervention Stove Top Evaluation.

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