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You don’t really want a website, do you?

No, not you.  You’re too smart to fall for that.  What you really want is a powerful tool that will help you reach your goals and connect with people, right? If that describes you, then you’re on the right page.

You want a website that actually assists you in growing your business. Not a website that sucks precious resources like a bottomless pit. We are passionate about websites and helping you grow your business or brand.

Websites are merely one of the tools you should use…

Here are a few things that make our team different than most:

1.)  We won’t build you a website. Unlike all our competitors, we will not build you a website.  No amount of money in the world will ever persuade us to build you a website.  Although you are writing the check, it’s your prospects and clients for whom we are building the website.

Our goal is to build a website that provides your prospects information that will help convert them into friends, and then into clients.  Depending on your business, your website may be built to help convert existing clients into repeat clients.

You get the point – we aren’t really building a website for you; we’re building it for your prospects and clients.

2.)  We won’t throw you to the sharks. Once we complete your website project, we don’t just leave you floating in the water waiting on the sharks.  We take the time to teach you how to effectively utilize your new tool.  Building your website is only the first part of the process.

3.)  We will expect referrals.… You can read all the ways we’re different here.

What happens?

If you’d like to see if we’re a good match to help grow your business and brand through a website, the first thing to do is get in touch with us.  We’ll then schedule about  thirty minutes to visit with you on the phone about your goals, and we’ll see if we’re the right team to build your website.

If we think we’re a match, and you want to move forward, we’ll get you set up in our project management system.  This is the system that helps keep everything organized and in one place.  We’ll upload your worksheets, checklists, and the other stuff we need to get started.  You’ll also receive an invoice for the first half of your total investment.

After you’ve returned the survey and initial payment, we’ll start with your mind exploration session.

Mind Exploration Session. We’ll explore your mind until we understand what online success will look like for you and your business.  We’ll take your vision and develop a “real” plan for online success.

Blueprint Creation. This is where we take all the “gold” we found during our Mind Exploration Session and create a detailed blueprint for your website.  This takes time.  The best ideas usually come at the most unexpected times – like at the movies, at dinner, or in the middle of the night.

We use this time to get into the minds of your prospects and clients.  Their needs, wants and desires are important – to them, and to your success.

Merge Session. This is when we discuss the details of “how it’s gonna look.” This session typically takes about thirty minutes.  You get a chance to express all your needs, wants, and desires.  Together we merge your vision with your prospects and clients’ vision.  We’ll stretch and challenge your vision for your website.

All our clients agree this is one of the most enlightening parts of the entire process.  We’ll bring you through a couple of exercises that will cause you to see your business/brand like never before.

Building Begins. Well almost.  Remember – “only fools rush in.” Countless hours are spent letting designs and ideas simmer in our brains.  Then, when they are cooked to perfection, we start with a few sketches.  We’ll then choose the design we feel is best for you, your prospects, and clients and create your initial design.

We’ll send it over to you and get feedback from you.  Based on your feedback we’ll either make revisions to the current design, or go back to the drawing board.  You’ll get up to three designs or revisions (which are usually more than enough), but you can always purchase more if you’d like.

The Dirty Work. This is when we’ll start with the coding of your site.  It’s not fun, but someone’s gotta do it!

Testing, One, Two…. We’ll build a test site and put it on our super secret server.  You’ll be able not only to see your website online, but you’ll also get access to your content management system.  This gives you a chance to get familiar with it prior to launching the site on your domain.

We’ll also be adding all your content to the site during this time.  Once everything is perfect here, we’ll send your final invoice.  After it’s taken care of, we launch at your domain name.

Want more details?  View our detailed website timeline.

And Now?

You should take a minute to look over our website design and strategy packages:

Currently booked through January 15, 2011

Need More Info?

Take a couple of minutes to complete the contact form below. We’ll review your comments, and then email you so we can schedule a few minutes to chat on the phone.  Have more questions?  View our website design faq’s.

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