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Marketing Confessions
Marketing Confessions

How to Prevent Poor Customer Service

Posted by Wayne in

  Fashion is not my thing! I’m much more comfortable in jeans and a hoodie (Yes, I’m in the Mark Zuckerberg fashion club). I’ve even toyed with the idea of buying multiples of the exact same shirt and pants to avoid having to decide what to wear every day. Before you laugh…this is exactly what ... Read More

Marketing Confessions
Marketing Confessions

How to Outsmart Your Competitors and Make Them Barf

Posted by Chris in

Holding Hands (Gasp!) In Public   You see those couples.  They walk the malls.  Sit in restaurants and theaters.  Even hang out at your favorite coffee shop. And the parking lot. Not in the parking lot!!! Yes, you know these couples.  They are the avid hand holders.  The finger claspers.  The palm pressers.  I’ll pause ... Read More

Marketing Confessions

A Practical Guide to Customer Service

Posted by Chris in

This is a true story:   I had been standing there for five minutes, not very long in terms of history, but an eternity when waiting for a cup of coffee.  At first, I assumed that the barista must have been working on something in the back.  No big deal.  There was another person in ... Read More

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