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(Don’t want to roll up your sleeves and get dirty? No problem. The Deluxe Marketing System may be what you need. Not only will we provide you with a detailed roadmap, but we’ll also take the wheel during the dangerous parts of the trip. With the Deluxe Marketing System you get everything included in the DIY Marketing System, plus everything below).

Here’s how we work magic:

Ideal Customer—we will put the science of survey to practice to help identify your ideal customer. Once we determine who your ideal customer is, we’ll survey up to ten of them so we have a crystal clear vision of where to find more people just like them.

Core Message—your Core Message has a direct influence on every aspect of your business, so it’s imperative that we get this right. In the same way a Swiss watch maker carefully crafts a fine watch, we’ll sculpt and tweak your Core Message until it is perfect. First, we’ll sculpt two unique versions of your Core Message for you to review. After your review, it will be fine-tuned to perfection.

Lead Generation—first, we’ll identify your suspects (those we suspect would be great customers). Next, we’ll design a system that automatically filters through the suspects and finds qualified prospects. In addition to the sequence and system, we’ll write up to two custom pieces for your sequence.

Lead Conversion—we will deconstruct your sales process, identify the weaknesses, and then reconstruct a bulletproof plan. You will know exactly how the prospect flows through the sales funnel, and the plan removes all the guess work. In addition to the detailed follow-up sequence, we’ll script up to three custom pieces.

Referral System—having a referral system will put you way ahead of your competitors. But having a referral system without effective materials would be useless. With the Deluxe Marketing System, we’ll write up to two pieces for the system (these are the pieces that make the system work).

Service Experience—not only is it important to discover how prospects flow through your newly designed sales funnel, but it’s crucial that your employees are on the same page. We’ll create a detailed process map you can use to train and teach your employees.

Calendar & Budget—go the extra mile. Instead of only a six-month calendar, you’ll get a full 12-month detailed marketing calendar. It will detail your marketing sequences based on your marketing budget.

Measuring System—we will create up to three pieces of documentation necessary to track all of your marketing efforts. Doesn’t it make sense to know if your plan is working?

The Deluxe Marketing System includes three hours of Mind Exploration. This is when we’ll help you discover powerful nuggets of gold. We’ll unearth tons of valuable information about your business.

After your Mind Exploration session, we’ll custom design your marketing system.

Once we have carefully crafted the gold we discovered into a powerful marketing system, we’ll provide you with a four-hour Debriefing Session. During this session we’ll walk you through your entire new marketing system and give you step-by-step instructions so you can immediately begin seeing results.

Estimated timeline for completion—six weeks!

You’re responsible for:

  • Printing materials used in your lead generation plan.
  • Printing materials used as part of your lead conversion plan.
  • Printing materials used as part of your referral system.
  • Training employees on procedures to insure remarkable, consistent customer service.
  • Providing all necessary budget allocations.

Total Investment in Deluxe Marketing System only $4,750.00

Likes, Shares, & Comments WON'T Put Money In Your Bank Account.

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