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(If you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves and getting a little dirty, then this is the marketing system for you. We provide you with a detailed roadmap showing you which road to take and how to avoid all the potholes and roadblocks.)

We’ll do all the following:

Vision—custom create your marketing vision, making sure it harmoniously integrates into your business.

Ideal Customer—discover your ideal customers in up to three individual niches.

Remarkable Difference—uncover your business’s remarkable difference, and we’ll show you how to position your business so that you stand out from the crowd of competitors.

Core Message—craft your core message (we’ll create one, and you can tweak it as you see fit).

Lead Generation—build a custom sequence showing you how to generate leads, taking people from suspect to prospect and prospect to customer.

Lead Conversion—deconstruct your sales process and rebuild it stronger than ever. We’ll outline the most efficient, effective steps you should take during the sales process.

Referral System—get others talking about your business to their friends and family members through a rock-solid referral system. We’ll outline a custom referral system.

Service Experience–create an outline which shows how to keep people flowing smoothly through your sales funnel.

Calendar & Budgeting—provide a detailed six-month marketing calendar based on your budget. You’ll know exactly what you should be doing each day/week/month.

Measuring—help you create tools to measure the results of your efforts.

The DIY Marketing System includes two hours of Mind Exploration. This is where we’ll help you discover powerful nuggets of gold. We’ll unearth tons of valuable information about your business.

After your Mind Exploration session, we’ll custom design your marketing system.

Once we have carefully crafted the gold we discovered into a powerful marketing system, we’ll provide you with a 1 ½ hour Debriefing Session. During this session, we’ll walk you through your entire new marketing system, and give you step-by-step instructions so you can immediately begin seeing results.

Estimated timeline for completion –four weeks!

You’re responsible for (remember this is the DIY marketing system):

  • Creating your actual marketing messages.
  • Creating materials used in your lead generation plan.
  • Creating materials used as part of your lead conversion plan.
  • Creating materials used as part of your referral system.
  • Training your employees on procedures to insure remarkable, consistent customer service.
  • Providing all necessary budget allocations.
  • Creating the tools necessary for measuring and tracking.
  • Printing the supporting materials.

Total Basic Marketing System Investment only $2,450.00

Likes, Shares, & Comments WON'T Put Money In Your Bank Account.

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