The Trick to Money is Having Some – Book Review

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The Trick to Money Is Having Some! – Book Review

We all want it. We all need it. In some way, shape, or form money plays an important roll; regardless of your dreams or ambitions. For me, a big part of my dream is to be free to work on things I choose to work on and not have to worry about money. Freedom is my primary motivator – not money. But to have the freedom that I desire there needs to be a steady flow of money coming into my bank account; and this flow of money cannot be directly related to the amount of time I spend working. In life, there are multiple ways of earning money such as playing esports betting or online casino games on sites like 메리트카지노.

To Have More Money You MUST Understand How Money Works

I’m amazed by how much money influences every aspect of our lives, and yet how little most people understand about money.

Could you imagine someone who wanted to become the next Michael Jordan not studying and practicing the game of basketball? What if, instead, they told you they were only going to focus on running faster, jumping higher, and increasing their flexibility? What chances do you think they would actually have of becoming the next Michael Jordan? ZERO…NADA!

But this is exactly what most people do when comes to money. They say, “I want to be rich, a millionaire, financially independent”, or whatever other term they use – and then they set out on their journey without really understanding the first thing about money. Sure they study business, marketing, sales, or whatever other avenue they determine will bring them closer to their goal, but they completely ignore money.

I would strongly urge you to make a study of money. Understand where it came from – how it moves, how it works, and how you can attract more of it.

In my study of money I stumbled across the book, The Trick to Money Is Having Some! by Stuart Wilde. This book leans a little more toward the spiritual/metaphysical side of money than most of what I have studied in the past. But Wilde certainly provides the reader with ideas and concepts worth consideration.

Here are some of my notes and excerpts from the book:

  • If you look at the people you know and compare the successes to the failures, you will again find that the difference between them is only that of a thought-form. The successful ones often started off as failures, and then one day changed their minds and never looked back. – pg2
  • The name of the game is to shift yourself to the positive side and step up and collect. – pg6
  • First, I had to agree that I was worthy of receiving free money. Second, I had to know that it was okay to get money without any effort at all. pg10
  • It is almost as if, in the anguish of uncertainty, erratic cash flow, and limited resources, the ego perpetuates its control over the individual by creating a constant reminder to that person of the potential disaster that is but ’round the next corner. pg14
  • …when you rely on another to sustain you, you automatically have to sell your soul into slavery. pg16
  • When they show up, bill ’em! The point is that there is no amount of money in the world that will make you comfortable if you are not comfortable with yourself. pg21
  • Either people accept you or they don’t. You did not come here to be manipulated, just to keep people happy. What you are is what you are. pg 28
  • To “bill ’em,” you will have to learn to charge people for what it is that you do or for whatever product you might supply them. Part of the dollar-dance of life is going beyond the ego’s emotional awkwardness about charging money. Somehow we tend to think that when we bill someone they will not like us, or perhaps we are taking food from the mouths of babes. pg 41
  • This harks back to our approval complexes, but it also has a lot to do with self-confident. One of the things you will have to look at is how you will concentrate and consolidate your energy so that you feel good about charging. pg41
  • …the energy that you expend in just making ends meet robs you of your positivity. Eventually, that lack of positivity will pull you down, and you will find that you don’t even have the discount customers anymore. pg42
  • Many find it hard to charge for what they do, for the ego hesitates, feeling that people will react negatively. In fact, quite the reverse is the case. People like you to charge them more. It makes them feel more important. pg42
  • …the more you charge, the more people respect you. If you do things on the cheap, people tend to get down on you and find fault with what you do. Having gotten something for nothing, they begin to demand more. That’s human nature. pg 42
  • The other thing about charging is that often we tend to think that the world is experiencing the same lack that we are. This is a bad mistake. The fact that you might be potless does not mean the world is – you should not project your lack onto others. pg42
  • Many feel that if they charge for a service or item they are somehow taking something from away from the buyer; that in their charging, the buyer’s safety or survival is threatened in some way. pg43
  • The other emotion about charging is fear. We tend to feel that if we charge a goodly amount, somehow our market will disappear and we’ll all be bankrupt next Thursday. Yet even with all the economies bouncing up and down and all the uncertainty people feel around lack, the quality items of the world go on forever. There will always be a market for Rolls Royces, French champagne, five-star hotels, and villas on the beach. All you have to do is agree to come from quality. pg43
  • …you have to liberate your feelings from any awkwardness about setting your prices. pg44
  • People can get things anywhere; energy is much more rare. pg45
  • People have needs, and when you meet those needs you serve them – not only because you save them the hassle of looking elsewhere – but also because what you offer has a unique specialness. pg45
  • For the next 30 days, don’t do anything for anyone without charging. Force yourself to charge for everything. When you are asked to give someone a lift to the station, tell him it will cost $20. This exercise is hard because people expect you to do all sorts of things for nothing. When you tell them it will cost them, they react. The lesson you have to learn is not to react. Also, be careful that you don’t find yourself making excuses. “i have to charge you $20 because I’m poor and miserable, and I am not going to survive today without your money.” Stand your ground. It is irrelevant if they hire you or not. The lesson lies in your becoming comfortable with telling people that you feel worthy. pg46
  • We spend so much time helping others through a sense of dedication that we drop out on collecting a bit for ourselves. There seems to be a constant conflict between commercial activity and goodness. pg46
  • The way to reconcile this is to separate the two. You can be generous and warmhearted in your personal life, but business is business. pg46
  • You have to accept what’s coming to you and bill people properly. Once you are completely comfortable with charging, then – and only then, will you allow yourself to do things for free. pg47
  • That energy can be offered in beauty, service, efficiency, positivity, or value. These upwardly mobile people are usually very busy. They want things quickly and efficiently, and they want the product or service to work. What it costs is not a major factor in their decisions. pg48
  • It’s not hard to be original. You have only to think in terms of what people want. pg49
  • What you put out is what you get back, and the reason why so many are so short of money is that they put little or nothing out. If you are truly dedicated to getting into the dollar-dance of life, you are going to have to get used to creating almost constant energy. pg55
  • The people who try to sell you on the struggle of life are those who, by virtue of that struggle, know little about how to make it. pg56
  • Of course the idea that hard work and struggle are inevitable is nonsense. Inside the energy of abundance, there is no struggle, only flow. If you are struggling, these is something about your thinking or your modus that needs adjustment. pg56
  • To become rich, you first have to accept that intellectually. You have to think rich. This is achieved in two ways. First, you never endorse a though-form of scarcity or lack in your circumstances; and further, you never endorse the poverty of others. As a part of this change in consciousness, you begin to align and to acknowledge the richness of things. pg57
  • …it is important that you never view another person’s success as an affirmation of your lack. pg57
  • Everything that you think and feel is shaped by your life’s experiences, and those experiences are a reflection of whatever consciousness you held at that particular time. pg58
  • Bit by bit, the circumstances you experienced in life began to reflect whatever you believed. pg59
  • To lay down a thinking strong enough to defend you from the bombardment of negative energy offered is not a complicated process, but it does take mental discipline. It forces you to constantly police your mind to override your own negativity and the negativity of others. If, for example, you track your thoughts for an hour each day, you will be amazed to discover that on average you will have six to ten insecurity thoughts each hour. pg60
  • You have to settle into the uncertainty of things and be comfortable with it. Never voice negativity even if things are not going well. Your world is changing, there’s always tomorrow, and all will work out fine in the end. pg61
  • To make a lot of money, you will have to decide to become somewhat abnormal. Normal people are rarely successful, and what success they do enjoy is often tainted by their discomfort in life. pg67
  • Thinking big and thinking rich will help you go beyond the poverty of the world, but it isn’t all that you are going to need. To really develop financial power, you will probably have to exist in a reality that is separate from the status quo. The status quo is vested in keeping you and the rest of the world in line. You have to break out of that. pg69
  • Often you will hear people bemoan their financial state, and in the very same breath they will tell you that they are not interested in money. pg77
  • People who have worked upon themselves, who have truly looked within their hearts, are aware, in intimate detail, of every aspect of their feelings. They know who they are, and they constantly review how they feel about things so that they might learn more about the nature of reality and the way to control it. Unconscious people tend to negate their feelings and look instead outwards, into reality, for meaning to life. pg83
  • To achieve maturity as a person and make your money harvesting fruitful activities, you have to be aware of your feelings, and those feelings have to have wealth firmly embossed on them.
  • Otherwise, your money-making efforts are constantly hampered by what you actually believe in the inner you. That is why I say the trick to money is having some. For once you have a little wealth, that of itself becomes an affirmation of your success, and, further, having a few bob allows you to pull out of any negative emotion around finances. pg86
  • You have a divine right to choose whom you will play with and under what circumstances. By eliminating any energy drag, the positive things in your life resonate faster and faster. It is easier to destroy than create, so one “down” is not equal to one “up.” It tends to cancel the up and leave you with nothing. By discarding the down, the ups are left free-standing, solid as rocks around you. pg 87
  • The reason why most people are so pathetic is that they will not take the time to develop and refine their skill. There is such a headlong rush to make it in life, to acquire the accounterments of a fancy lifestyle, that people tumble out and try to merchandise a fancy lifestyle before they have any real experience and while they know little about their chosen field.
  • Doing so, they sentence themselves to perpetual struggle, for their efforts are mired in the same mediocrity offered by others. pg98
  • As you think in terms of what you are going to sell ’em, I think we ought to discuss originality for a moment, for it is your recipe for easy money. pg111
  • Your mind is your best friend, but it’s also an enemy. Not only because it has a vested interest in limiting what you believe you can do, but also because it has a way of selling you short.
  • In real life, things never quite pan out the way one thinks they ought to. Why is that? Because the ego-personality is happy to spend hours in a meeting talking about building apartments on the beach, but it isn’t at all happy about spending eight hours actually hauling cement or delivering sales pitches to prospective buyers. Imagination and “concerted action” live in different neighborhoods. pg119
  • Your intention has to be at the forefront of your thinking and has to be followed by timely action, which is appropriate to deliver that intention. pg120
  • Persistence and patience are the keys to intention. But for that to work, you have to be able to focus and concentrate on the target. Most people quite before the final payout, which is sad, but that’s life. pg121
  • If you are going to be very rich, you are going to have to agree to take responsibility and lots of it. You will have to become particularly involved in life. Getting rich is a hands-on process. It involves endless interaction and a certain amount of stress and strain. pg131
  • Clarity of intent allows you to direct all of your energy in the correct direction so that your full power is brought to bear upon the focus of your will. pg141
  • Unless you strip away most of the emotion in your life, it’s hard for you to become really clear about who you are and what your true calling is. …that clarity is not a concept that many understand. pg143
  • By cluttering your life with many things, you soon lose sight of who you are and what you came for.
  • What gives the eagle its power is its superb sight, not its talons. Your enthusiasm and energy are your claws, but without a “higher vision” you are powerless – you are thrashing around in the forest searching desperately for your bifocals. Vision is the ability to rise about the situation and “read” it accurately. pg143
  • There is no other reason for being in business other than to count the money. I think that every business person ought to have words in two-foot-high letters draped across his or her office wall. pg148
  • First, you should decide what it is that you want. Break it down into short-term goals, mid-term aspirations, and the long-term view. Next, decide to cut out everything from your life that is not part of the plan. That allows you the power, clarity, and focus to empower just your plan. By getting rid of the attachments and confusions, you make your plan important. pg149
  • However mundane today’s events might be, they still form a thread in the tapestry. pg158

If you’re looking to expand your thinking about money, then I recommend picking up a copy of The Trick to Money is Having Some!.

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Likes, Shares, & Comments WON'T Put Money In Your Bank Account.

In Our Free Course:

Crush It On Facebook In 30-Days Or Less

You'll Discover:

A Simple Facebook Strategy We Used To Take a Client From Losing $10k Each Month To Making Thousands...In Only 86 Days.

The 3-Step Formula We Used To Increase Another Client's Sales By Over $9,000 per Month (and they're spending less than $400 per month on Facebook Ads)

We'll Also Share Our "24-Hour Audience Identifier Campaign"

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